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South Coast Repertory Callboard Newsletter

July 11, 2019

Posted on 7-8 minutes

Conservatory Instructor Emily Heebner’s YA novel, Seneca Lake, Published this Month

Adult Conservatory faculty member Emily Heebner, who teaches Acts I, II and III, will have her young adult novel, Seneca Lake published by The Wild Rose Press this month. Her book will be available Wednesday, July 17, on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. “It was inspired by my mother’s youth,” Emily says. “She’d grown up in the rural Finger Lakes region of New York during WWII, but my father’s career took her far away from ‘home’ for many years. Eventually they found their way back to upstate NY, near her siblings and their extended families once again. My story is inspired by my mother’s deep connection to home, family and the natural beauty of that region. My mother died at age 59. Writing Seneca Lake was a way for me to spend time with her in my imagination.” Congratulations, Emily!

Also, Ann Marie Lee, who performed for many years in SCR’s A Christmas Carol, recorded the audiobook for Seneca Lake. She often records for Penguin Random House and has won awards for her narration. Learn more about Ann Marie’s narration work.

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